Why We Pay More

Precious Elements is committed to providing the best prices for gold coins, silver jewelry, diamond rings, and other precious metals. And thanks to our business model, we are able to live up to our aim. This page will tell you more about why Precious Elements is one of the best places to sell gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds if you are looking for the best payout.

Why Precious Elements Jewelry & Coin Can Pay More

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A Family-Owned Business with Family-Friendly Values

As a family-owned and family-operated business, Precious Elements has a different set of operating principles than some of our national and even local competitors. We treat every customer as if they were family, which means no games, no gimmicks, and no tricks—just the highest payout for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. We want you to receive every penny your item is worth so you can feel good about the transaction, and so we can, too.

Unlike some other places that buy coins and jewelry, we are in this business for you as much as we are in it for ourselves, so you can trust us to tell you exactly what you have and exactly what it's worth. We are not interested in taking advantage of people who may not know how much their coin collection is worth or what the going rate is for gold; our aim is to educate and inform so you can feel confident that you are getting top dollar for your item. There's just no other way to treat family, and if you ask us, there's just no other way to buy gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds.

We Only Answer to Our Customers

Another benefit of being a family-owned is business is that there are no outside influences focused on our bottom line. We are not a greedy corporation with aggressive revenue targets; rather, we are family-owned business that puts our customers' satisfaction ahead of our desire to make money. We can offer prices for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds that some of our competitors wouldn't dream of.

Since the beginning, Precious Elements sought to put the power back in the hands of sellers who too often are at the mercy of nameless, faceless corporations that only see profits, not people. Rest assured that we see you, we hear you, and we want to make sure you receive every penny your item is worth. That is the benefit of selling your gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds to a family-owned business like Precious Elements, and it's one of the reasons we often pay more than the "other" guys.

Why We Pay More | You Can Get Unmatched Prices for Your Valuables from Us | Our Professional and Experienced Buyers Will Send You an Offer Based on the Photo You Send In to Us

We Love (and Rely on) Repeat Customers

As a family-owned business, we don't have giant marketing budgets like some of our large competitors. One the one hand, this means less overhead costs that we can pass down to you, but it also means that we rely on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers to maintain a steady flow of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. This is yet another reason why we offer higher payouts than our competitors, to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and will come back to us again and again whenever they want to turn unwanted gold or silver into cash, and so they will tell their friends and family where to go to get the most money for their items, too.


Industry Experts Who Know What They Are Looking At

Many precious metal buyers aren't strong in all areas of the gold buying industry or may not have the knowledge needed to properly evaluate your specific item. By selling to one of these lesser experienced buyers, you run the risk of selling yourself short. The person assessing your item may not know its historical significance or what other markers to look for to determine an item's true worth. In some cases, less reputable buyers may purposely deceive you in order to offer a lower price, but most of the time when sellers are offered below-market price for their gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds, it is because the actual market price isn't known because the person doing the valuation doesn't know what he or she is really looking at. Precious Elements is different, and it's why we promise top dollar for all your items.

Not only are our professional buyers trained to perform careful and in-depth analyses of your gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds (which they share with you to educate and instill confidence), but they have years of hands-on experience and have learned from some of the leading experts how to analyze specific qualities, characteristics, and attributes to determine exactly what they are looking at and, more importantly, exactly what it is worth. Our diamond valuations, for example, include heat absorption and electrical conductivity procedures alongside an in-depth visual test to guarantee accurate results.

Combined with our family values of honesty and transparency, our expertise allows us to provide much more than top dollar for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds—it also means that you will learn everything there is to know about your item(s). Our experts will answer all your questions and carefully walk you through their assessments so you are as informed as possible about what you have, know what it is worth, and can confirm you are getting the best price for your item with Precious Elements.

No Middleman Means No Extra Fees

There are no middleman or aftermarkets that might factor into our cash estimates. The fact that we "do it all" ourselves also provides us with more hands-on knowledge of the items we are buying and selling, which again allows us to provide the most accurate assessments and the highest cash estimates by truly knowing the items you have for us to look at.

Start a Conversation Today and See for Yourself!

As you can see, there are many reasons why Precious Elements can pay more than our competitors, but don't just take our word for it. Start a conversation with us today and you will see for yourself what a Precious Elements cash estimate is worth.

Start a Conversation With Us Today and Our Experienced and Professional Buyers Will Send You an Offer Based on the Picture You Send | Check us Out and See Why Our Clients Love Us

Call, chat, contact us online, or come into our Chandler AZ or Murphy TX locations to get an expert value of your item. Cash prices for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds are subject to hands-on inspection and verification. The sooner you send us your item or visit us for an in-person estimate, the sooner you can receive fair market value for your item. See for yourself why we're one of the best places to sell silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and more.

There is no obligation for receiving an offer. Send us a photo and we'll send an offer; if you are satisfied, send us your item and we will verify quality, authenticity, etc. and confirm the final offer; if you do not accept, we will send it back free of charge, otherwise we will pay you the same day via your preferred payment method.