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Any Gold — We Buy It All

Precious Elements makes it easy to sell your gold of any type, because we buy every type. New, used, or broken, collectible or commonplace, graded or ungraded, we buy it all!

From gold coins and gold bullion to gold rings and watches, even nuggets and dental fillings, sell your gold easily because Precious Elements will buy any unwanted gold you have to sell.

Regardless of the size, quantity, quality, or specific category, our gold buyers offer top dollar and same-day payments (after receiving and verifying your items) when you sell your gold to us. So if you're looking for where to sell your gold for the best prices, you've found it!

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How Much are Your Gold Valuables Worth to Gold Buyers?

If you are looking to sell your gold, the most obvious question you are probably asking yourself now is "how much is it worth?" There are many factors to consider when determining the cash value of coins, bullion, bars, jewelry, and more. When you contact Precious Elements for a no-obligation, risk-free valuation, we will tell you exactly what you have and how much it’s worth so you can be confident that you are getting the best price when you sell your gold valuables to our gold buyers.

We are honest, transparent, and will answer any questions you have about your valuables or what they're worth. In fact, our passion for gold means that we can spend hours talking about coins, bars, and jewelry—which is great news for buyers that want to know more about their valuables before selling.

Our professional gold buyers are certified and trained to perform analyses that take into account all the special characteristics that some pawn shops and "cash for gold" websites may not consider. Combined with our extensive knowledge and passion for educating owners, Precious Elements offers valuations that are second-to-none. Contact us online, give us a call, or visit us in-person to start a conversation and to learn how much your valuables are worth.

Of course, it helps to have knowledge of what goes into a valuation. Some of the important factors we consider include purity, weight, and market price (additional factors may apply to sell gold jewelry, gold coins, and other rare or highly valuable items).


One of the primary factors that impact the price of gold is its purity, or karat. A "karat" is a measurement of the fineness, or quality. The measurement represents the weight of actual gold in proportion to the item’s total weight, including alloyed metals and any impurities.

Because karats are measured per 24 parts whole, pure gold that has not been mixed with any other metals is therefore the most fine (24 karats, or 24K). Although technically 24 karat gold is 100% pure, actual 100% pure gold is virtually impossible to achieve, so the purest type available is 999.99 (also referred to as "five nines fine"). Just below this is 999.9, or "four nines fine", which is most commonly the purity level of 24K gold.

Measurements below 24K (such as 22K, 18K, 14K gold, and so on) indicate the fraction of gold and its resulting purity. For example, 14k gold (which means, 14 parts gold to 24 parts weight) has a purity of 58.3%, meaning 58.3% of the item by weight is pure gold and the remaining 41.7% is other metals.

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The item’s physical weight is the second component of the gold value equation. Spot prices, which we will explain in the next section, are usually expressed in terms of ounces, although it is also possible to buy and sell gold by the gram; less common measurement units include tola, tael, and kilo. Most gold coins and gold bullion bars are measured in ounces, while most gold jewelry is measured in grams.

It is important to understand the difference between “ounces” and “troy ounces,” as these terms are sometimes incorrectly interchanged by sellers and less knowledgeable gold buyers. Precious metals, including gold, are always weighed in troy ounces, which equal approximately 31.104 grams; by comparison, regular ounces (also referred to as “avoirdupois” ounces) weigh approximately 28 grams.

Market Price - Gold Spot Price

The current market price for gold, also known as the spot price, is the current price that it can be bought and sold for. Similar to the stock market, the spot price is affected by a variety of factors and is constantly changing. Some of the influencing factors that affect spot price include currency fluctuations, supply, demand, and even geopolitical reasons.

Another term you may come across is the “melt price”, especially when buying or selling gold coins, jewelry, and scrap. Melt price, or melt value, is calculated by the gold content within the item multiplied by the spot price.

Precious Elements offers fair market value for all types, qualities, and quantities of gold. If you have any questions about market price, gold content, or would like to discover how much your valuables are worth, contact us online or give us a call to start a conversation.


Additional Factors

There are additional factors that our gold buyers consider when valuating gold. For example, rare or highly collectible coins or jewelry may be worth more than their melt price. A gold coin’s collector value, also known as it’s “numismatic” value, is determined by the year it was minted, the location it was minted, its condition, and its documented history. Gold jewelry from luxury designers may also be worth more than the current spot price.

Considering the additional factors that go into determining how much an asset is worth, it’s important that you sell to a buyer that truly understands how to determine the actual value of a gold item that may be rare, collectible, and more valuable than, say, a standard one-ounce 24K coin.

Precious Elements has extensive knowledge and experience buying and selling gold coins, jewelry, and watches, so we know factors to consider to make sure that you receive every penny your valuables are worth. And if you have any other item(s) to sell, you're in luck, because we are also among the most trusted and experienced buyers of a wide variety of other valuables, including: silver jewelry, coins, and bullion, sterling silver cutlery, loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, and more!

Why Sell Your Gold and Jewelry to
Our Online Gold Buyers?

One of the Best Places to Sell Gold Online

With so many “cash for gold” websites and pawn shops claiming to offer the “best prices for gold,” it can be hard to determine the best place to sell your gold. Fortunately, there is an easy, risk-free, and secure way to sell your gold online or in-person without selling yourself short. At Precious Elements, our aim is to streamline and demystify the selling process so you can turn coins, bullion, bars, and jewelry into cash, fast.

Of course, with so many gold buyers online and in-person to choose from, why should you sell your gold to Precious Elements? Some of the reasons why Precious Elements is the best buyer in Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, include:

  • Zero Obligation Process

    As a family-run business, we believe in doing things a little different than our competitors. For starters, we offer a no-obligation valuation process so you can get an accurate and honest cash offer before you sell your gold without risk, confusion, or headache. If you are not satisfied with our offer or would like to cancel the transaction for any reason, we will send back your valuables free of charge.

  • No Hidden Selling Fees

    Speaking of charges, Precious Elements does not tack on any additional fees for buying valuables. Other gold buyers may deduct valuation fees, handling and processing fees, smelting fees, and many other hidden charges that can significantly lower the amount you receive when you sell your gold. At Precious Elements, the valuation offer we provide is the amount we pay, period.

  • No Brokers, Services, or Middlemen

    One of the reasons why Precious Elements is able to offer the best prices for coins, bullion, bars, and jewelry is because we have cut out the middleman from the process. We run our own refinery and refurbish/resale items ourselves, so we are able to pass the savings on to you that might otherwise go to refiners or jewelry stores. Because we “do it all,” we are able to offer the highest payouts for valuables among our competitors.

  • No Games or Gimmicks

    There is no runaround when you sell your gold to Precious Elements. Our professional gold buyers are certified and trained to perform expert analyses and appraisals that result in honest, fair market valuations of your valuables. We are also transparent during the valuation process and will answer any questions you have to make you feel comfortable and confident that you are getting top dollar for your valuables.

  • No Wait for the Best Payment

    Once we have received, inspected, and verified your valuables, you will get paid the same day via your preferred payment method. We understand and appreciate that sellers often want (or need) cash fast, which is why we pay your as soon as we can inspect and verify your valuables.

we are trusted and provide the highest price for all valuables, you have found the right place for the job, come visit us in person if you live in Arizona, specifically Chandler Phoenix Gilbert Scottsdale Mesa Glendale Maricopa Tucson Payson Prescott Flagstaff Cave Creek Casa Grande Sun City AZ


If you are looking for a buyer you can trust—and want to receive the highest payout for your gold coins, bullion, bars, or jewelry — consider selling to Precious Elements.


Sell Your Gold For Cash From Anywhere

As easy as 1-2-3
  1. Contact us.

    The first step to selling your valuables is to start a conversation. Contact Precious Elements online or give us a call to speak with one of our expert gold buyers. We will also ask you to provide photos to help us provide an estimated valuation. If you live in Arizona, you can bring your valuables to one of our locations in Phoenix or Chandler for an in-person estimate before you sell your gold.

  2. Send us your gold item(s).

    If you accept our estimated value, the next step is to send us your valuables so we can verify quality, authenticity, and look for any additional characteristics or attributes that may indicate your gold coins, bullion, bars, or jewelry are worth more than market price. After we perform a hands-on inspection, we will provide you the final value offer for your valuables.

  3. Get paid.

    If you accept the offer, you will get paid the same day via your preferred payment method. If you are not satisfied for any reasons, we will send back your valuables free of charge. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and that means no games or gimmicks when it comes to buying your valuables.

There is no risk or obligation to receive a free valuation from Precious Elements. If you have any questions or would like to request a free estimate, chat with us online, give us a call, or visit us for an in-person valuation. No more wasting time on confusing or complicated process to sell gold online; Contact Precious Elements and turn your valuables into cash today!

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